Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Life is Short - Have a Discreet Affair

If you feel like you're missing something - and are compelled to cheat - don't take any chances - have a discreet affair - with someone in the same situation - contact Ashley Madison.

Chances are you'll remember what you thought you were missing in the first place. And nobody will ever know.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Life is Short, Have a Safe Affair

If I were in charge of the Ashley Madison ad campaign, I would build Fatal Attraction (hit 1987 movie starring Michael Douglas and Glenn Close) into the next commercial.

Apparently cheating statistics went down significantly after this movie was released in 1987, because men were scared of picking up a psycho.

The ad would go something like this:

- play the Fatal Attraction trailer (click photo right)

- and then say something like "Don't take any chances. Life is short. Have a Safe Affair." or "Play safe, with like-minded adults at Ashley Madison."

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Life is Short, Have an Affair - a new level of cynicism

My husband's friend made a very good point about the commercial in my earlier post :

"... I have a slight problem with the scenario they've envisioned in the commerical linked. His fat ugly wife should have been beautiful or at least better looking in their wedding picture. That would have made more sense. I would have sympathized with the guy's perceived need somewhat to call Ashley Madison. The fact she was fat and ugly when he married her makes me think the guy's just an idiot."
And following that line of thought, if this guy is such a loser, it's not very probable that any of the Ashley Madison "Desperate Housewives" are going to leap at the chance to hook up with him either. Unless Ashley Madison runs a Heidi Fleiss side business, he's out of luck.

Here's another one of their ads:

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Life is Short Have an Affair video

Life is Short, Have an Affair: Family values advocates are up in arms and ESPN has yanked this ad from what they call an 'infidelity matchmaking service'. Watch the banned ad:

The Ashley Madison Agency, calls itself "The World's Premier Discreet Dating Service" with almost 3 million "like minded members".

This is the second controversial ad from the Ashley Madison Agency. The first was this billboard in West Hollywood: Life is short, have an affair.

Curious what it's all about? Look for the link to the Ashley Madison Agency in the Ads by Google section - top-right.